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Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy Services focus on you, the client and your loved ones. We ensure that our highly qualified physical therapists are able to provide the best possible therapeutic services to our patients. Our team of physical therapist will strive to provide you with the professional aid with the goal to sustain, treat, and enhance their physical problems due to the borderlines set by age, illness, or disability. We at Lucienne Home Care, Inc.  will provide that support and help you keep up with your treatment.


Our physical therapy services include:


  • Treating patients to relieve pain, develop or restore functional and maintain maximum performance, using physical means, such as exercise, massage, heat, water, light and electricity.

  • Instructing patient in care and use of wheelchairs, braces, crutches, canes and prosthetic and orthotic devices.

  • Assisting the physician in evaluating patients by applying diagnostic and prognostic muscle, nerve, joint and functional ability tests.

  • Teaching, supervising, and counseling the family and patient in the physical therapy program.

  • Recording and reporting to the physician the patient's reaction to treatment and /or any changes in the patient's condition.

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