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Occupational Therapy



Occupational therapists at Lucienne Home Care help our clients of all ages enhance their performance of important everyday activities such as work, education and self-care despite the effects of illness, disability or injury. Our therapists develop adaptive devices that help chronically ill or handicapped clients perform activities of daily living. We interact with clients to assess existing performance, set therapeutic goals, develop a plan and implement intervention. With increased function comes restored confidence in making your life your own once again.


We work with individuals affected by developmental, physical, emotional or social disabilities and helps them achieve maximum independence.

Our licensed occupational therapists will do the following:


  • Instruct patient in care and use of wheelchairs, braces, splints, and prosthetic and orthotic devices.

  • Teach, supervise and counsel the family and patient in the total Occupational Therapy program and other related problems of the patient at home.

  • Design specific activities to individuals with disabilities

  • Establish goals based on the patient's current level of functioning and potential for improvement and performs re-evaluations as indicated.

  • Prepare and Record clinical/progress notes

  • Establish a treatment plan that is core-design to the patient’s requirement

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